Terms and conditions

The following are the general terms and conditions of "Barceló Partner Club" program.


1. The program Barceló Partner Club, from now onwards "the program" belongs to Barceló Gestión Hotelera S.L., with registered address in José Rover Motta Str. Nº 27, Palma de Mallorca, Spain and VAT number B-07918287.

2. The program benefits will not be accumulated to those of any other card or program of the participating companies. The holder will have the right to choose the program from which he/she wants to obtain benefits from.


3. Individuals who are retail travel agents registered in the Barceló Partner Club, excluding online travel agencies, are members of the program. The program will provide to each BPartner member a username and a personal password. Each username shall be associated to a travel agent and a travel agency. In case of networks with agreements with Barceló Hotel Group, and after special agreement with Barceló Partner Club, agencies whose agents share a username and password, shall also be able to register. From now onwards program members shall be called "BPartner users".
The program could cancel BPartner user membership if they have not used it during the period of one year.

4. The perks accrued by a BPartner user will be linked to his/her work in the agency in which he/she is employed at the moment of subscribing in the program. In case the BPartner user leaves the agency in which he/she was working when he/she enrolled in the program, and previous written authorization of the agency´s director, the BPartner user will be able to redeem the perks that he/she earned. Perks will be cancelled in the event the travel agency director refuses the authorization. Travel agents, who are changed of office, will be able to request perks transfer to a new account associated with the new branch.

5. Barceló Gestión Hotelera S.L., as the Company program owner, saves itself the right to withdraw the participation code, to cancel the perks account and to demand the pertinent responsibilities of the BPartner user who does an undue or fraudulent use of the program or breaks the procedures contained in the present General Conditions.


6. The program aim is a promotion based on the accumulation of perks by BPartner users. These perks could be redeemed for stays in Barceló Hotel Group participating hotels in Latin-America and the Caribbean (with exception of Cuba).

7. BPartner users will accumulate perks for each room night booked for their agency clients, in any Barceló Hotel Group participating hotels made as per the 1st January 2018, valid for any rate and for individual or group reservations.The reservations will be punctuated after the customer´s check-out date.
The program reserves the right to change, without previous notice, the authorized reservations channels.

8. For any complaint about denied perks, the BPartner user must send a copy of the booking voucher with all the data to support@barcelopartnerclub.com. There is a three (3) months limit from the denial date of the booking to claim the perks.


9. The perks can be redeemed for stays in the participating hotels conforming to the redemption table published on the web site.The benefits offered in the program can be periodically reviewed and/or modified by the participating Companies without previous notice to the BPartner users.


10. The program will send every month a newsletter with the gained perks.

11. If any of the participating companies in the program unduly refuses to a BPartner user the rewarded perks or any other benefits, the program responsibility will be limited to the correction of the mistake through the perks scoring, as soon as the BPartner user reliably accredits his/her right. Neither Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L. or the program, are responsible for the acts or omissions of the companies participating in the program both in relation to the provision of services and in their participation in the program, except for the error correction mentioned in this point.

12. Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L., and the rest of the participating companies in the program, save themselves the right to modify at any time the list of perks required for redemption stays, the present general terms and conditions or any other aspect related to the program or to the participation of the BPartner users, without previous notice to them.

13. The registered BPartner users will be able to finish their participation in the program at any time, notifying it in writing to Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L.

14. Likewise, the program can be cancelled whenever the proprietary company, Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L, considers it opportune, granting the inscribed BPartner users, a period of THREE (3) MONTHS to redeem their perks. In the event of the program cancellation, and once the deadline is reached, all the accumulated perks by the BPartner users will be automatically cancelled. Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L, will not be responsible in any case for the losses, hurts or prejudices that could be caused to the Bpartner users by the above mentioned cancellation.

15. In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999, from December 13th, of Data Protection, Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L informs that the information provided by the BPartner users is voluntary and will be included in their data base in order to manage properly their participation in the program, and communicate the BPartner users advertising information about products, services, offers or promotions relative to the program and all those activities tied to the activity of the Barceló Group that could be of their interest.
Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L, also informs BPartner users that their data will not be yielded to third parties not participating in the provision of the service with identical purpose to the previously described.
In accordance with article 22 of the Law 34/2002, from July 11th, of Information and e-business society and electronic commerce (LSSI), Barceló Gestión Hotelera S.L. and the rest of companies of Barceló Group, informs its intention of sending BPartner users commercial communications via e-mail or by any other electronic way.
Hereby BPartner users acknowledge this intention and give their express agreement for the receipt of the mentioned communications. Barceló Gestión Hotelera, S.L, informs that BPartner users have the right to access the indicated file, rectify, cancel or opposed to the treatment of their data, by emailing support@barcelopartnerclub.com or by written communication to the attention of the "Security Committee" (Barceló Partner Club Program) to the postal address: Jose Rover Motta Str. 27, 07006 - Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

16. The participation in the program carries the automatic, personal and direct intervention of the BPartner user in the promotions published in the website. The attainment and delivery to BPartner users of any bonus or incentive offered by Barceló Partner Club, will allow the program to carry out the publication, both in the winners' list and in any other promotional support, of the name, personal and professional information as well as of his/her image and/or voice, unless the beneficiary does not formulate his/her acceptance or his/her express refusal to the bonus or incentive, with the purpose of spreading the prize delivery in the private area of the program and in the monthly newsletters sent to BPartner users.
To such effects it will be understood that the BPartner user gives their assent to the treatment of any personal information obtained by the program for the mentioned purposes, with subordination both to the privacy policy and information protection mentioned in the condition 19, as well as to the regulation that ensues from its application. In view of the promotional character of the bonus or incentive obtaining, the lack of assent to the treatment of personal information to these effects will entail the resignation of the rewarded BPartner user to any obtained benefit. The BPartner user rewarded with a bonus or incentive who wants to refuse to it, shall communicate it expressly via e-mail to support@barcelopartnerclub.com.

17. The present general terms and conditions of Barceló Partner Club will be ruled in agreement with the legal regulation in Spain. For any issue arising from the interpretation and application of the present general terms and conditions, the parts expressly surrender, to the jurisdiction of the courts of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, resigning to his/her own jurisdiction.

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