Cookies policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are installed in your computer’s browser to record your activity. They send anonymous identification information to make it easier for you to navigate the site; for example, allowing you direct access if you have previously registered, as well as access to all the areas, services, promotions and competitions designed exclusively for you, without requiring you to re-register each time you visit. They can also be used to gauge audience, traffic and browsing parameters, session length, and/or to monitor progress and entry number.

We will always ensure appropriate mechanisms are in place to obtain your consent for the required cookies to be installed. Nevertheless, you should be aware that, in accordance with the Law, it is understood that (i) you have given your consent if you modify your browser configuration to remove any restrictions that prevent the installation of cookies and (ii) that this consent will not be required for the installation of those cookies that are strictly necessary for any service that you have expressly requested (via prior registration).

2. The cookies we use

Below is a list of the main cookies we use:

-utma Google Analytics (Google Inc.) These enable the single-visit monitoring function. The first time you use a browser to visit the website, this cookie will be installed. When you visit again, using the same browser, the cookie will recognize you as the same user. Google Analytics will only consider you to be a different user if you change browser. 2 years
Google Analytics (Google Inc.) These enable the session-time calculation function. The first (utmb) records the time you first enter the page and the second (utmc) checks whether the session should remain open or whether a new session should be created. The utmb expires 30 minutes after the last recorded visit to a page, while the utmc is a session variable that is automatically eliminated when you change website or close the session. 90 days
-utmz Google Analytics (Google Inc.) These enable the function that records visitor origin. The data recorded will include information such as whether you arrived at our site directly, from another site, via an advertising campaign or through a search-engine (indicating the key word used and the source). End of session
IDESESION Owned by Barceló Partner Club These enable the function that records your session ID. It allows us to respond to your actions while you are browsing the website. Without this kind of cookie, the website wouldn’t work. End of session
JSESSIONID Owned by Barceló Partner Club Allows the persistence of the session. End of session
NavPass Psinnova Cookie to control whether the use of cookies is accepted or not. This cookie is not installed until it has been accepted. Mandatory for navigating. 90 days

Regardless of the above, you may configure your browser to alert you when cookies are received and to prevent them from being installed on your computer (1).

However, disabling them may alter the performance of the website.

Please check your browser instructions and manuals for additional information.


(1) If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the Tools menu, select Internet Options and go to Privacy. If you use Firefox, for Mac, select Preferences in the menu, then Privacy, and go to the Show Cookies section. For Windows, in the Tools menu, select Options, then Privacy and Use a personal configuration for the history. If you use Safari, choose Preferences in the menu and select Privacy. If you use Google Chrome, in the Tools menu, select Options (Preferences for Mac), select Advanced and then the Content Configuration option in the Privacy section. Finally, check Cookies in the Content Configuration box.

There may be some cookies used on this website that are not related to the website. This is because some of the website’s pages contain content from websites that belong to third parties (a YouTube video, for example). Since this content comes from another website, the configuration of those cookies is not under our control. If you wish to change your cookie configuration preferences, visit the third-party websites to obtain that information.


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